On Branding..and letting things go

Hi there! I’ve had my Etsy shop open for coming up to 4 months now and something happens after this time.

Items that you posted originally, on that very first exciting ribbon cutting (yes I did cut one) shop opening day, that are still there because no one has bought them, start to expire. You can choose to renew them or let them go.

About a month or so back I tried to focus on branding for my shop. At first I thought it was all about colours, logos, packaging stickers and so on. I then read an interesting article (and I’m sorry but I can’t remember the title/author). It was talking about how, when branding, you should think of your online shop as like a boutique, a real shop that people can wander through. What kind of look do you want for your shop, what kind of feeling as you step inside, what kind of customer do you think will be interested enough to walk in, how old are they?

Thinking like this helps you to really focus on the goods that you are selling. I think the phrase used was it’s Etsy not Ebay, you don’t want a random selection of all sorts in your shop. Before you put something in there, does it fit in with your brand?

Do you want some shabby, poorly made items in there (that you made when you were just practicing and starting out) that you threw in at a cheap price just to get rid of them , or will they bring down the whole image of your shop?

Repeatedly you hear how important photography is to the success of your shop. I love Etsy shops where there is a similar look to each photograph, a common branded image, and I’ve been trying to do that with mine. After much trial and error, I now photograph all my goods in the same well lit space in my hall, on top of a white cupboard and have been placing flowers from my garden next to them, usually just a simple sprig of lavender or similar.

Anyway, back to the letting go. There are a few items that I will renew but a few that I will let go. The fairy doors that despite reducing them in price, no one is looking at, a bowl that doesn’t really fit in with my style any more.

I will start my next four months wiser with a greater understanding of my own branding, imaging and style. I’m still on my journey and anyone out there with any similar experiences, wise words or tips, please chip in and comment, I’d love to hear from you.



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