custom dogs

Custom made felted dogs

Your dog in felt! A perfect present for the dog lover in your life. Bespoke, pure wool, needle felted dogs. poochie portraits Dog portraits on a 10 x 10 cm canvas Price £20   I do cats too!   bandana buddies Perfect for your desk at work or a student's reminder of home! Complete with… Continue reading Custom made felted dogs

needle felting

Hardy Herdwick sheep!

Felting sheep with Herdwick wool You may have read in a previous post that I try to buy only British wool now. This is due to the high standards of animal welfare in British sheep farming and shearing. Included in a recent batch of British wools that I ordered from World of Wool, was 100g… Continue reading Hardy Herdwick sheep!

craft fairs

How to survive a Craft Fair

  Hello, I wouldn't call myself an expert on craft fairs yet as I've only done four so far but hopefully if you're a true beginner, or just wondering whether to have a go, you may find these tips useful. It may sound obvious but do a bit of a reccy first to find out… Continue reading How to survive a Craft Fair


Using British Wool

Cruelty free wool? I love animals and am a vegetarian. When I saw a post about someone using vegan materials to crochet with because they thought using wool was being unkind to animals, it made me stop and think. I love using wool and the fact that it is a natural material, I love the… Continue reading Using British Wool

Felted bowls

Felting bowls makes me happy

I love felting bowls. Bowls, vessels, pods…. whatever you call them, I just love making them.   I wet felt them using a resist method, a process that is now second nature to me. I just set up in the kitchen (best place because it can get pretty wet and soapy), put some tunes on… Continue reading Felting bowls makes me happy