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Felted peacock


Hi, I’ve been working on making a felted peacock for the past few days.

My inspiration came from a photograph in a book that I borrowed from the library, part of an enammelled triptych from 1896. I just thought it looked very lovely.

I sketched out my design and colours, deciding to use a gold yellow colour as my background and laid out my wool ready for wet-felting.



I sprinkled warm soapy water on it and then rubbed at it over another layer of bubble wrap to entangle all the fibres together.


I rolled it and rolled it to shrink the fibres, rinsed it to get all the soapy water out (cold then hot water to further shock the fibres together) and laid it out to dry.


So I have wet felted to start with but to add detail I now needed to do some needle felting. If I try to do too much detail at the wet felting stage, there is a danger that the wool may move out of place during the rubbing part.


This is where I move from art inspiration to real life peacock photographs. I started with his beak and face. I was so excited to see him come to life that I added silver thread and blue wool to make his crest at this stage, this made felting his feathers around this area more tricky later but oh well.


First I mixed green and yellow to make the base colour.


Then I added a dark blue.

I added legs and feet. He still didn’t seem complete..

This morning I wanted to add another colour to his feathers and so added a lighter blue, I found just enough of it to do all the feathers!


Much better!

I love the way the wool that I poked through with a needle on this side, looks all tufty when I turn it over!


Hmmm, inspiration for another project there!

So I have my peacock. I shall keep embellishing him for a while before I declare him ready for my shop. I have done some free machine embroidery on his body and added some glass beads so far.



Thank you for reading!

And for those of you that are interested;

The source of my inspiration is from a book called “Christies Arts and Crafts Style” by Michael Jeffery and the art work is an enamelled triptych by Nelson and Edith Dawson dated 1896




Update : this peacock picture is now available framed in my Etsy shop,