Sculpting with wool

This post is about building up a dog's body shape with batt wool. Recently I've really got into the pleasures of sculpting with wool. I make custom dogs and nowadays I always start with a wire armature. Currently I use robust pipe cleaners to make it with. I made the mistake of buying "party" pipe… Continue reading Sculpting with wool

felted mobile, needle felting

Getting there with my sheep mobile!

 It's taking shape... So I weaved some willow hoops, I used up all the sticks I'd soaked and ended up making three. (Probably should have soaked the sticks for longer but I was soaking them in the bath and the youngest needed a shower!) It was time to start attaching the felted sheep and clouds.… Continue reading Getting there with my sheep mobile!

needle felting

A commission leads to a cacti obsession…

Those little pots are so cute! I hadn't thought of making cacti before, I usually make animals when I needle felt, but that's the beauty of a commission make. When a customer requested two cacti and a hedgehog, naturally I was ready to have a go! I sourced my cute little terracotta pots from Elfkendalfairies… Continue reading A commission leads to a cacti obsession…

needle felting

Making a felted sheep mobile

Making progress... So I needle felted the parts of the mobile a while ago. I love making Herdwick sheep using Herdwick wool and I thought that some mini ones would be just right for a mobile. Counting sheep to get to sleep and all that. I also made some clouds and added mohair fleece to… Continue reading Making a felted sheep mobile

needle felting

Hardy Herdwick sheep!

Felting sheep with Herdwick wool You may have read in a previous post that I try to buy only British wool now. This is due to the high standards of animal welfare in British sheep farming and shearing. Included in a recent batch of British wools that I ordered from World of Wool, was 100g… Continue reading Hardy Herdwick sheep!

craft fairs

How to survive a Craft Fair

  Hello, I wouldn't call myself an expert on craft fairs yet as I've only done four so far but hopefully if you're a true beginner, or just wondering whether to have a go, you may find these tips useful. It may sound obvious but do a bit of a reccy first to find out… Continue reading How to survive a Craft Fair


Using British Wool

Cruelty free wool? I love animals and am a vegetarian. When I saw a post about someone using vegan materials to crochet with because they thought using wool was being unkind to animals, it made me stop and think. I love using wool and the fact that it is a natural material, I love the… Continue reading Using British Wool

Felted bowls

Felting bowls makes me happy

I love felting bowls. Bowls, vessels, pods…. whatever you call them, I just love making them.   I wet felt them using a resist method, a process that is now second nature to me. I just set up in the kitchen (best place because it can get pretty wet and soapy), put some tunes on… Continue reading Felting bowls makes me happy

custom dogs, needle felting

Custom made felted dogs

Your dog in felt! A perfect present for the dog lover in your life. Bespoke, pure wool, needle felted dogs. poochie portraits Dog portraits on a 10 x 10 cm canvas Price £24 I do cats too! bandana buddies Perfect for your desk at work or a student's reminder of home! Complete with a spotty… Continue reading Custom made felted dogs